The Start of my Indieweb

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A while back, I stumbled across a website on owning your data. Apparently, other people are also interested in consolidating an online identity, and owning this very identity (or at least to be able to steer it). As I don't necessarily have a good idea of what to with this website you're on (except for keeping it as the primary way of retrieving various scores), it was a nice idea to do further work on it.

There are many different steps you can take to get on the Indieweb. This includes steps such as POSHing your HTML sources and adding Microformats to it, and using Webmentions and IndieAuth (a type of OAuth) to notify other people of your content/replies and doing authentication.

As the first two items means updating already existing content, this was semi-easily doable. All you have to do is reading all the types of microformats and various associated properties. One of the first pages to be updated was the About page, because, well, there's not much else content right? The second set of updating was on the Lilydrum page, and this loose collection of thoughts one might call a blog in twenty years.

Setting up the latter items might not be very hard as there are already some tools available, but I guess I might want to see whether I can build something myself when time allows. As I won't be posting many things anyway, there is not a huge pressure, but it would be cool to host some more different content on this place, and possibly have it interact with other people.

But before I'm spending all my time on building some giant do-it-all octopus machine, I will probably first focus on adapting the way the scores are presented here. Overall, I tend not to really use this fancy searchable table, instead going directly for all the various paths. There are some problems with it.

  1. Only pipeband scores are listed in this table. (I'd like to have a place where I can search whatever type of music: Songs, Tinwhistle and maybe even private stuff.)
  2. Despite the former, this HTML table is massive.
  3. Some mobile browers don't like a large iframa.
  4. Apparently, styling within an iframe is non-trivial (and non-working).
Also, it might be nice to setup some kind of authentication to be able to allow private links. This might even be integrated with the IndieAuth setup.

Let's see what the near future brings…

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